KDE Slimbook II at Scottish Linux User Group 20th Anniversary

Glasgow’s group of Linux nerds has been gathering for 20 years so I was pleased to eat lots of curry at the Scottish Linux User Group’s 20th anniversary dinner.  In the pub afterwards I showed off the new KDE Slimbook II and recorded a little intro.  It’s maybe not the most slick presenting skills but it’s my first time making a video 🙂

The partnership with KDE and Slimbook is unique in the open source world and it’s really exciting they want to continue it with this new even-higher end model.  Faster memory, faster hard disk, larger screen, larger touchpad, USB-C, better wifi signal, this baby has it all. It’s a bargain too from only 700euro.


3 Replies to “KDE Slimbook II at Scottish Linux User Group 20th Anniversary”

  1. This looks really good.

    It would be amazing if a company could take this approach, and make a fundraiser for a Plasma Mobile device (á la KDE Slimphone).

    There are lots of very cheap generic OEM smartphones in China with good specifications. If a bulk order could be made, we could potentially ship a mid range ‘Slimphone’ for about €100-150.

    Originally I was hoping the Librem 5 would provide the solution but they decided to create their own GTK UI stack and the price is too high. The separated modem and processor, as well as hardware switches are a great idea but until economies of scale make it more affordable it is just too expensive.

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