KDE neon developer edition install tech preview

To celebrate the release of KDE Plasma 5.6 we’ve made a tech preview of our KDE neon developer edition installable images built directly from developer Plasma/5.6 Git branches files.kde.org Remember it’s the developer’s edition built directly from Git.  There’s still plenty bits we need to tidy up still.  Have fun with it and let us […]

KDE neon Press

Since it’s announcement KDE neon has had some pleasingly positive press coverage (and one not so positive). First off was Swapnil’s article on CIO.com Jonathan Riddell to announce project Neon at FOSDEM On the Rio Noguera Palasera in sunny Catalunya I learned freestyle kayak by surfing against the current on a standing wave and realized […]

Grumping Out of the Forth Canoe Club AGM

I grumped out of the Forth Canoe Club AGM tonight which probably left a bad atmosphere so here’s some explanation why for anyone who’s interested or just for my own therapy. I’ve been on the committee for the last 8 years as website editor.  That’s a pretty simple role if you’re into making websites but […]

FSRT Lesson Plans

Here’s some lesson plans, or at least coaching points, for the bits needed for a BCU FSRT course. Intro: Assessing risks How to get help What kit to have to hand Ask/give option to warn about medical issues Group management, communication and boundaries clean rope principle, one handed knife safety features of boats safety features […]


Everyone who cares about the continued smooth running of the free software world where communities of independent parties gather around working on projects as we do in KDE or Linux should keep an eye on recent developments. The VMWare case has a Linux developer suing VMWare for using Linux as part of their proprietary product.  […]

Wayland Image Updated

My image for testing Wayland has had an update. Download 883 MB ISO file This includes the latest sources from Git master with KWin providing the Wayland compositor and built from a mix of Neon/Ubuntu/Kubuntu packages. It’s full of obvious bugs for you to hunt down and help fix.  It’s not at all ready for […]