KDE neon upgrades to 16.04LTS

KDE neon on 16.04 showing Ken’s new wallpaper

KDE neon is a package archive of KDE software built on a stable foundation.  We use Ubuntu because it’s good technology that we’re familiar with and which provides a Long Term Support foundation we can use.  When we started the only practical version to use at the start was 15.10 so our packages have been built using that.  But with 16.04LTS due out next week it’s time to move to a solid foundation where we expect to stay for the next couple of years.

If you have installed KDE neon on 15.10 (you can run Info Centre to check) you can now upgrade that foundation to 16.04LTS.

Neon offers no support for this I’m afraid, it’s not brilliantly well tested and I’m afraid there’s no GUI because that’s written in PyQt which we don’t yet have in Neon.  And obviously Ubuntu offer zero support for it because we’re an unrelated project.  16.04LTS isn’t released until next Thursday 21st so you may want to hold back until then.

Firstly check it’s all up to date:
sudo apt update
sudo apt install neon-desktop
sudo apt full-upgrade

In /etc/apt/sources.list.d/neon.list make sure you’re using the new archive address (with the /dev/)
deb http://archive.neon.kde.org/dev/unstable wily main

run the upgrade

and follow its prompts.  You’ll need at least 1.5GB of free disk space.

Alternatively you can just do a reinstall from one of our daily images which are already on 16.04LTS.  Download KDE neon.

This still contains only KDE Frameworks and KDE Plasma.  The packages are built from Git branches and intended for KDE contributors and testers.  The packages are not compatible with many packages from Kubuntu, e.g. KDE PIM will get uninstalled.

Coming soon, user edition packages built from released software and installable images for them.  Qt 5.6 on its way too.  Then KDE Applications and other bits.


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