KDE neon Adds KDE Games

Are you feeling too productive in your day?  Then try the latest addition to KDE Neon!  I’ve added the KDE Games applications to our repositories.  16.04.2 for User Edition, or the relevant Git branch for Developer Editions.
apt install bomber bovo granatier kapman katomic kblackbox kblocks kbounce kbreakout kdiamond kfourinline killbots kiriki kjumpingcube klickety klines kmahjongg kmines knavalbattle knetwalk kollision kpat kshisen ksquares ktuberling picmi

Gaun try them aa.

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  1. Canoe says: Reply

    You’re doing some sterling work J., Plasma and KDE as a whole are going from strength to strength. Keep making KDE NEON awesome 🙂

  2. nidi says: Reply

    Nice – not in my (user) repo yet, though.

    1. site admin says: Reply

      sorry, should be there now

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