Plasma 5.8 LTS Kickerd Off for Stability and Performance

Plasma 5.8 has its Kickoff meeting yesterday and we Kickered the plans into shape.  The big news is it’ll be an LTS release with bugfix releases coming out for 18 months after the .0.  This matches Qt 5.6 which is also on an LTS schedule and we’ll still to 5.6 as the minimum Qt version for Plasma 5.8 LTS.  Full schedule on wiki.

As an LTS cycle we will focus on stability and performance for the 5.8 release.

The exception is for work on Wayland which won’t get LTS support but we do hope to be feature complete in time for the 5.8 release in October.

We went over the Plasma To Do board and tidied it up and added some new items.

And you can look forward to talks at Akademy by David and other Plasma developers, plus BoF sessions through the week.

To help out with Plasma developing say hi in #plasma on Freenode.


28 Replies to “Plasma 5.8 LTS Kickerd Off for Stability and Performance”

    1. > Will the future release of Kubuntu LTS based on Plasma LTS?

      That’s a good question.

    2. Yes. They’ve answered on this one. They’re currently playing with Qt 5.6 and Plasma 5.7, and it will take a while but will be available in backports ppa. And ofcourse they’ll bring in Plasma 5.8 as well.

    3. They prefer to stay stupid and care 2 seperate LTS Versions – that one in Kubuntu and the upstream one.

      This LTS Version would be superfluous, if the packagers of the very most distros decided to act wise and avoid to mix 4 with 5 from the very beginning, as frequently recommended.

  1. Will there be an KF5 LTS as well? Qt 5.6 + Plasma 5.8 but no KF5 LTS would make no sense, no?

  2. Oh yes, we really need badly LTS KDE coupled with an LTS distro, in order to reach a wider audience and for KDE enthusiast who want to avoid regressions.
    Latest Kubuntu LTS makes no sense as it uses a still quite early KDE 5 version which has quite a few rough edges, multiscreen for instance.
    I really love the current KDE vision, keep up the amazing work !!

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