Planet KDE Theme from Season of KDE

Season KDE is KDE’s annual project to give helpers a more structured way to take part in KDE.  It’s inspired by Summer of Code of course.

Today I had the pleasure of launching the new Planet KDE website theme done by Ranveer Aggarwal.  It looks very lovely and importantly makes the site a pleasure to browse on your phone.  Everyone hug him and do report any bugs to bugzilla.


6 Replies to “Planet KDE Theme from Season of KDE”

  1. Thanks Ranveer,

    1. The top bar moves a slight bit to the left if you click on any of the items.
    2. No idea if anything happens if you click and deselect Configure. Also while someone is accessing Configure it should go away.

  2. The Oxygen Sans font has some baseline issues, and terribly, we don’t have Vernon Adams available to fix them. I saw some Google+ posts from the KDE community wishing for his recovery, but, unfortunately, his brain injury is serious.

    His homepage, telling how he is doing, is now being written by his wife, and is, very fittingly, at . Please, let’s do something extra as the KDE community, for him.

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