Neon Updates – KDE Network, KDE Applications

Not a great week for Neon last week.  I server we used for building packages on filled up limiting the work we could do and then a patch from Plasma broke some people’s startup and they were faced with a dreaded black screen.  Apologies folks.

But then magically we got an upgrade to the server with lots of nice new disk space and the problem patch was reverted so hopefully any affected was able to upgrade again and recover.

So I added some KDE Network bits and rebuilt the live/installable ISO images so they’re all updated to Applications 16.04.3 in User Edition.  And Applications forked so now Dev Edition Stable Branches uses the 16.08 Beta branches and you can try out lots of updated apps.  And because the developer made a special release just for us and wears cute bunny ears I added in Konversation to our builds for good old fashioned IRC chit chat (none of your modern Slacky/Telegram/Web2.0 protocols here).

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  1. I don’t think that IRC is old scool. I use for irc and it is great. But yes konversation look old fashion cause it look someone wrote an letter on the typewriter.

    information stuff in violet, show always the time, … I think with some color changing and text arrangement you can improve it a lot but I know it’s for dev’s and I don’t want to distroy your layouts cause your eyes learn so long that violet is not importend. I in general would use highlighting from kate where script languages use gray for discription, …

  2. BTW, ¡felicitaciones por tu castellano! Es bueno ver que estás aprendiendo.

  3. Hi !

    In the future, will there be a way to lock Plasma version to the LTS ones ? Would be nice to have the choice between a constantly updated version and another always containing the most recent LTS.

    Still using Kubuntu ATM but I’m a bit frustrated this supposedly LTS version containing an early Plasma 5 (and PPAs are quite late 🙂 Not complaining, I appreciate a lot the work made by all involved !

    Cheers & thanks a lot for your work !

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