Yes and No vs Leave and Remain

The electoral commission approved a Yes and No question for the 2014 Scottish indy ref but changed to a Leave vs Remain question for the 2016 EU referendum.  There is an argument that Yes allows for some bias in the question and they have now said they would re-examine the question for any future indy ref and this would take time and might mean changing all the branding.

The electoral commission is wrong.  Leave vs Remain is not a fair question without bias, it is an unanswered unspecified position.  This is what has led us into the position we are in now where the UK voted (through a restricted franchise with lies and cheating and criminal behaviour) to change the status quo but with no indication of what to change it to.  This is what the electoral commission should worry about, what do you want rather than what don’t you want.

A more fair question would have been “Do you want to Remain, Join EFTA, Be like Turkey, No deal”.

I can’t actually think of a better question for a Scottish independence question.  The proposal for how to do it was published in a long book by the Scottish Government and it is summarised by being an independent country.   Questions such as “Do you want to leave the UK” are invalid because the UK isn’t a membership organisation and because it could mean any other situation instead such as uniting with Norway or having separate city states or whatever.

The electoral commission let us down badly with the conduct of the EU referendum.  They should learn that a question for change needs to indicate what is being changed to not what is being changed away.  The 2014 question should remain the same for a Scottish indy ref.