5 Replies to “KUserFeedback 0.9.90 Beta Release”

  1. KDE invests into telemetry in the age of all-on-all surveillance. Brilliant!

  2. @anonymous, correct me if I’m wrong, but it looks as if this telemetry is going to be off-by-default. I’m sure privacy is front and center here, and above all: the code can be read and audited by those concerned.

    Not all telemetry is cut the same, and it can provide helpful insight into making the software even better.

    1. Once infrastructure is there, flipping a switch is easy. Then they’ll start saying “it’s easy to disable”. I don’t want to go down that slope. And I’m not sure I can place my trust in people who make it possible.

      Maybe try asking your users whether they want you to sift through their stuff first? Maybe talking is slower, but it is sure more respectful than treating users like your slaves to datamine.

      1. It’s off by default and always will be. We do ask our users.

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