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  1. I don’t see why such a privacy invasion even exists at all, no matter whether it is opt-in or opt-out. This kind of spyware (“telemetry” is just a euphemism for “spyware”!) is absolutely incompatible with the ideals of Free Software and has no business being in KDE.

  2. Hopefully it’s granular? Would happily answer surveys or allow collection of specific info (subject to being able to review before submission) but wouldn’t knowingly leave something running communicating out.

  3. Hi, I have a couple of questions I already asked Nate, but who couldn’t answer all of them unfortunately.

    1) Does the feedback tool also cover data about the following?

    * X11 or Wayland
    * Used hardware (CPU,RAM,GPU)
    * drivers
    * resolution, LowDPI, HiDPI
    * input method: touch vs no touch
    * multi monitor setup vs single monitor

    2) General questions:

    * How often or regularly will the feedback tool gather information?
    * How do you avoid duplicates? Do you use any kind of identification to improve the quality of the data?
    * Do you intend to generate graphs with quantity vs time and histograms? Do you intend to publish those?
    * Would you mind to display sent data for the user themself, so the user knows exactly what is transmitted?
    * For the latter one, it would maybe be interesting to have a list of transmitted data over time, which the user can view. Those text files shouldn’t be big and could easily put in a folder like ~/.local/feedback/sentdata/

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