Revelator Band and Swing

A few weeks ago I went to the Scottish Hobo Society, a fun night at the Bongo Club, Edinburgh’s non-commercial nightclub. Best band of the night was the Revelator Band. Screaming, stomping gothic voodoo blues. They knew how to put … Read More


There’s still quite a lot of the Bible after Jesus dies. His apostles go out and start spreading what becomes christianity to anyone who will listen. This mostly means non-Jews. A lot of it is long and boring and involves … Read More

Rebuilding and Jesus

In my quest to read through an abridged version of the Bible in time for the World Gathering of Young Friends I’ve finished the first testament and got a good chunk through the second. The first ends when the Israelis … Read More

Kings, Exodus

Kings is a long and boring part of the Bible. It starts with David who seems to disobey pretty much every commandment this is (murdering Goliath, lots of adultery, suggestions of a homosexual relationship too which is quite refreshing) yet … Read More

Judges, Kings

In this book Joshua led the invation by the Israelies of the land called Canaan which is now Israel and Palestine. He did a nifty trick of circling the city of Jericho for 7 days then blowing some horns and … Read More

Exodus, Numbers

After Genisis (the book where God decides to drown the entire population of the planet except for one family) things turn a bit nasty as God gets dictatorial (lots of commandments, and “cursed is he who..”), homophobic (I checked that … Read More

New home, New Edinburgh Suma, Grow Wild

Moved to a new flat in Polwarth so I’m looking for a flatmate now. Just took order of a muckle Suma order, every self respecting modern hippy buys their food in bulk from Suma, the wholesales people for all the … Read More

The Story

Today I started reading a book called The Story which is a readable version of the bible. This is preparation for the World Gathering of Young Friends where there will be lots of Christian types so I thought I should … Read More


Everyone in this country is familiar with Ceilidh dancing. What makes Ceilidh dancing good is that you can learn a dance in 5 minutes. None of the moves are very subtle and everything is coreographed so you get told where … Read More

Pointy Things in Bags

When I was in Australia I found two screwdrivers in my hand luggage that I had completely failed to remember were in there when I packaged and carefully took my swiss army card out of my wallet and swiss army … Read More

Sydney and Fan Mail

Sydney is nice. It’s nice how people drive on the correct side of the road even if they have silly power socket designs. The opera house is nice too as is the bridge in the middle of the city. And … Read More


Today I flew for 24 hours from Edinburgh down the west coast of Britain (no idea why but that’s what the wee TV screen showed) to London. At Heathrow I had to run across the terminal to get a bus … Read More


Gnarly surf at St Andrews the other day as we did a risk assesment on these boogy boards and the open canoe-kayaks on top of the trailer. It confirmed my belief that board surfing is far too much like hard … Read More


Recently I’ve gone to some lectures. Two were part of the excellent Edinburgh Lectures series. High quality free public lectures are a sign of a first rate cultural and intellectual environment so I consider it my duty to go to … Read More

Crumpets on Arthurs Seat

Me and some Friends were eating toasted crumpets and drinking tea at the top of Arthurs Seat last week when up popped this young lad or lass (the helmet made it hard to know which) carrying a bike who then … Read More

The Scottish Enlightenment – the new world

The second last part of my notes from The Scottish Enlightenment Scots had been among the first to colonise Canada through Nova Scotia. Orcadians particularly were successful in the fur trade, they were able to suffer the cold of Canada. … Read More