KDE neon Adds KDE Graphics and KDE Multimedia

More apps are arriving in KDE neon, to keep your weekend happy we have the ones which have been ported to Frameworks 5 for KDE Graphics and KDE Multimedia.  Including some thumbnailers and a kio slave for cameras you can use through Dolphin.

- kamera
- kcolorchooser
- kdegraphics-thumbnailers
- kruler
- libkexiv2
- libkface
- libkgeomap
- libksane
- dragon
- ffmpegthumbs
- kdenlive

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5 Comment

  1. Thomas says: Reply

    What about okular? Is okular going to join the kf5 crowd soon?

    1. site admin says: Reply

      Dunno, you’d need to ask an Okular developer

  2. Sam says: Reply

    Yay, these felt very missing.

  3. Thanks for the update looking forward for more updates

  4. It’s for KDE Neon User Edition?

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