Edinburgh South Election

I voted for the SNP this election. I wasn’t terribly impressed by their “we don’t want any cuts” idea, it seems to me if you’re in massive debt you should get rid of that debt as soon as possible. But … Read More

BCU Advanced Whitewater Safety and Rescue

I did the BCU Advanced Whitewater Safety and Rescue course with Steve MacKinnon (H2O Outdoors) and Dave Rossetter (Standing Waves, RCO, SCA, BCU, most everything). The course follows on from the basic Whitewater Safety and Rescue with more jumping in … Read More

Anti Trident Demo in Edinburgh

Went to the anti Trident demo today run by Scotland’s for peace. Quite a quiet affair walking up the high street, could have benefited from some drums. Alex Salmond spoke first, made me happy to live in a country where … Read More

Whitewater Guide River Ericht

Today I paddled the River Ericht. We lost a boat after a rescue took longer than it was possible to go chasing after it 🙁 There’s no guide to the Ericht on ukriversguidebook so here’s one I’ve written which I’ll … Read More

Scottish European Election Results

I went to see the European election announcement. SNP were out in force. Labour kept a low profile. Lib Dems and Tories both managed to claim victory despite losing. BNP racists didn’t get near a seat but were depressingly high … Read More

European Election in Scotland

My voting paper came through the door. There’s a long list of parties to chose from, some of whom I’ve never hard of. What’s depressing is the lack of political campaigning and news coverage. I’ve had lots of political leaflets … Read More

Curiosities of Politics

This isn’t an easy admission to make, but I read the News of the World website. The first thing that’s curious about the site is that even the scant amount of non-celebrity stories in the newspaper are really hard to … Read More


I bought a shares ISA today. This is a horrible gamble. Last year I bought one and of course it’s worth half the price now than I paid for it. But hopefully this means the stock market is at a … Read More

Jury Service in Scotland

Edinburgh Sheriff Court called me up for jury service. This is an important responsibility, but because you are not allowed to discuss the trial as a juror there’s no information out on the internets about what happens and no guidance … Read More

Wikileaks gets BNP member list

The excellent Wikileaks got hold of a list of BNP members. Is there a racist in your street? Now you can know. The well informed Lancaster Unity blog has some (occationally over optimistic sounding) coverage. Out of about 12000 records, … Read More

Hilary Benn in Leith

Went to see Hilary Benn in Leith last night. It’s always great to see politicians, especially senior ones like him, come and meet the public in ways which aren’t primarily for press coverage. The turnout was maybe 100 people which … Read More

Facist Pub Burned Down

Walking along the road in Glorious Tipton the other day I smelled smoke. Seems the fascist Lagoon pub was no more. This newspaper article gives a nice overview of the area. Arson, squatters, stupid Tory councillor, fascist councillor, fascist pub, … Read More

Things I Like

Some of the little pleasures in life I like: Digital radio. Especially Chill Radio, BBC 7 and BBC World Service. Amazon Marketplace, helps you get rid of stuff you’ve used and much less hassle than ebay’s time limited method, also … Read More


Utterly bemused by London voting for Boris. Crazyness. In Glorious Tipton the normally Labour/BNP fight was lost to a Tory. I can’t work out why people think David Cameron’s party will do anything better than Gordon Brown’s. by

Scouts Drop Promise and Law

Edinburgh Scouts have merged with the surrounding areas to create the all new South East Scotland Scouts. Queue new website complete with Content Management System cleverness. Unfortunately my suggestion to release the site content under a creative commons licence was … Read More